LFEPA: Drop your dodgy developers

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Two years ago we started a campaign to stop the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA) from destroying the quality of life in our small council estate. Their luxury development, designed for rich foreign investors, would have blocked up to 60% of the natural light to our homes and significantly damaged a grade II listed heritage asset.

LFEPA's fat-cat developers are a secretive organisation with partners based in tax havens around the globe. They have a track record of steam rollering over local concerns. LFEPA have confirmed that they have no idea who is behind their partner's shell companies in the British Virgin Islands and the Isle of Man. 

When we persuaded the local council to refuse their plans, LFEPA appealed the decision. Fighting against some of the most expensive barristers in the country, our small community group won, against all the odds. Despite the developer arguing that there would be very little impact on our homes, the Government planning inspector agreed the damage was substantial and unacceptable

During the appeal process we were shocked at what we discovered.

The Fire Authority had claimed that they could not build any more than a small amount of affordable housing because their development barely made a profit. Yet we discovered that they had made a secret deal with their developers worth at least £40m. 

And when we asked legitimate questions about this to the Commissioner of the Fire Authority at the public inquiry, he simply refused to answer

Despite being told NO by residents, the council and the government, LFEPA are yet again pressing ahead with the same developers. 

The lies and the secrecy need to end. LFEPA need to start again with a new developer who will preserve this great building, and work with the local community to bring forward a development which does more than just line the pockets of unknown investors. 

We are calling on LFEPA to drop their dodgy developers and send them back tho the British Virgin Islands. They need to start listening to the people who pay their wages, the public. 

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