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Remove Ms Martin as Athletic Director at LHS

Petition for Review and Termination by the Lexington School Administration of Naomi Martin, Athletic Director of Lexington High School, Lexington, Mass.
Background: We believe based on the facts available and the admission of Naomi Martin that there are grounds for her dismissal from her position of Athletic Director of Lexington High School. Ms Martin has demonstrated by her fabrication of information that she cannot be depended upon to meet the standards of the Lexington High School. Ms Martin recklessly falsified documents, lied to state officials and attributed statements to a citizen of Lexington that she new to be false. She used this deceitful approach to impact the lives of all of the players and members of the Middlesex League Athletic organization in order to achieve her personal goal of changing women’s basketball scheduling practices.
We are asking for:
1. An immediate dismissal of Naomi Martin.
2. An investigation to all decisions made by Naomi Martin and the school department related to the Athletic Programs regarding financial, program and personnel during her tenure.
3. An independent audit of the financial records and books of the athletic department including all quasi related fund raising activities such as the concession stand, camps and clinics.
4. We call upon the School Committee and the School Administration to perform an open and independent review of all materials and facts related to this situation, including the actions of the School Administration and Dr Ash the Superintendent of Schools.

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  • Lexington School Committee. Lexington Massachusetts

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