Justice for Kendra Shanice Reid

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Over three years ago now, 20 year old Winston-Salem State student Kayla Shanice Reid (6/12/96-4/29/17) was found hanging from a tree in a public park. None of the details of the incident are indicative of suicide, but investigators made a hasty effort to rule it as such. NO AUTOPSY WAS EVER PERFORMED. 

The acting officials have evaded discussing their accusations. They’ve simply stated that they “...[D]idn’t see any thing like that.” “That,” referring to signs of foul play. They fail to mention though, that:

A) There is also no conclusive evidence pointing to this being a suicide either. 

B) They did not LOOK for signs of foul play as, again, there was no autopsy. 

We demand that local authorities reopen Kayla’s case and carry out a thorough, conclusive, and unbiased investigation.