Call for traffic calming on Tannsfeld Road

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For over ten years the residents of Tannsfeld Road, Sydenham have been asking Lewisham Council to install traffic calming on our road. It seems to be one of the few residential roads in the borough without traffic calming despite being a thoroughfare for two train stations, the high street and Alexandra Park, generating many dog walkers, families with young children and other pedestrians and cyclists.

At peak times, but also at other times during the day, drivers regularly exceed the 20mph limit by huge amounts putting lives at risk. At least one car has been written off, a cat has been killed, a dog hit, and at the junction of Girton Road there have been many incidents of road rage and vehicle collisions over the years. Because our road is on the borough boders we feel forgotten, left with dangerous, poorly maintained pavements too. There are three, possibly four locations where a large traffic cushion would have the potential to dramatically reduce speeds.

We understand there are huge pressures on the council during this time of Covid but also at a time when we are all being encouraged to walk and cylce more for our health, wellbeing and the environment, we feel this request should be given the consideration it deserves.