Consider alternative sites in Grove Park for the new health centre - DC/17/101268

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We are asking Lewisham council, and the ICO health group to reopen the possibility of using althernative sites such as the disused youth centre as a location for the proposed new health centre. Other sites could include Marvels Lane Clinic or the WG Grace community centre. 

Plans for the centre have already dramatically reduced the original size, and are therefore not fit the purpose or future proofed. Local residents have serious and warranted concerns about road safety, and parking (there have been 3 road traffic accidents on that corner this year already with one fatality), as well as increased congestion and u-turns on a blind corner outside our lovely Chinbrook meadows.

The alternatives sites are bigger, and could possibly accommodate the original number of clinical rooms. 

These alternatives site are in desperate need of regeneration, the youth centre for example has been out of use for over 5 yrs. Attempts to return the building to a youth centre have been unsuccessful due to lack of funds. We now have an opportunity to drastically improve the look of the area, accessing NHS CCP funds, into a fantastic and modern health centre serving around 12k people, which will have space for parking and is on multiple bus routes. 

These other sites would be an relevant alternative to the highly inappropriate plan to currently locate the health centre at the corner of Chinbrook road and Amblecote Road, by demolishing a beautiful residence. 

Please support this cause and empower the community to make real and positive change to our local area. 

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