Permanently revoke Jennifer M. Jenkins rights to own animals

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Two years ago Jennifer M Jenkins was found guilty of NINE counts of animal abuse and neglect. She has since had her rights granted back. The community is outraged. The condition of the surviving animals we're incredibly poor, and those who were lost, died tragicly and painfully. A colt, for example, was attacked. Instead of seeking vet care, she allegedly tossed him into a trailer for weeks, while the wound festered, and his back rotted to the point of exposed bone. To this very day, she still has photos on her facebook page of the horse's stage of declining health and worsening wound. She seemed to enjoy taking photos of the suffering horse while her children stood near him, posing and smiling. 

 She will argue that she has feed and receipts for hay. But caring for horses and animals goes much deeper than feeding. Her horses died from injuries and neglect. They died alone, in pain and scared. Mares stood over their dead babies. And surving babies were left to starve as they stood over their dead mothers.  For those that survied, rain rot covered their backs and fungal infections in their hocks. Hooves were over grown and starting to curl, preventing them from walking and causing pain and lameness. They will never be the same and will have continued heath and trauma issues. These animals had a life to live. They all had love to give and so much more to offer. They trusted Jennifer and she let them down by her lack of compassion, ability and desire to truly love and care for them.

Those that currently foster the survivors are only compensated $6.00 a month by Jenneifer. Yet the court is allowing her to pursue horse ownership??! What about repaying those who have spent countless hours and paid 100s in vet bills trying to rehabilitate them?

We must be their voice! We must protect their rights and protect them from this heartless and careless individual. Please consider the potential fate of future of any animal that will end up in her care. We, the citizens of the US, Wa State, and equine communities far and wide beg the court to permanently revoke her rights to owning and or caring for any animal. Please support this cause and help save a life!