Level-5, Dentsu Ent. USA, & Nintendo: Localize more/all LBX & Inazuma Eleven Content

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On July 27, 2016 Level 5 announced “LEVEL-5 Vision 2016: New Heroes,” the annual official new title announcement event run by LEVEL-5 Inc., which introduced multiple new titles with the focus on heroic characters this year -- including the new title from the popular PROFESSOR LAYTON™ series, Lady Layton: The Millionaire Ariadone’s Conspiracy, and another new title from the well-known INAZUMA ELEVEN™ series, Inazuma Eleven Ares, as well as LEVEL-5’s fifth cross-media project, Megaton Musashi.

But there’s two questions plaguing people’s minds: Will Inazuma Eleven finally be brought to North America, and what about LBX?

In 2008, Inazuma Eleven was released in Japan, which had 127 episodes for its anime, 6 main video games, 3 spinoff Strikers titles, and sold very well: In everywhere but the United States.

Despite the fact that Europe & Australia has more Inazuma Eleven content, they've  never even got the final game, GO 3 Galaxy nor did they receive Inazuma Eleven Strikers 2012 Xtreme or GO Strikers 2013. This has humorously led to the "Inazuma Eleven Galaxy Starter Pack, with a picture of Akihino Hino and a another picture saying I LIED!"

American fans are not happy with Level-5's not releasing any of the Inazuma Eleven games and the anime, often having to import the games from Europe with the dreaded Dub Name Change.

Even Latin America got the anime first. Speaking of the dubbed anime, many were upset because in comparison to other Level-5 anime that were localized in America such as LBX and Yokai Watch, the Inazuma Eleven dub was laughed at for being horrible and having many of the characters sounding very incomprehensive…..and there never was an Inazuma Eleven game that came out in stores.

When it came to America! ...Only the first one was given, cut from the compilation game and download only.

They didn’t even get the entire anime, which only 26 episodes could be found legally on Youtube with fans and commenters dying for the remaining 101 episodes. Only the most die hard fans even knew there was the sequel series, Inazuma Eleven GO!

Pokemon is one of the more successful anime series in the entire world, yet in Japan and Europe, the two franchises have a huge rivalry with Inazuma Eleven fans label Pokémon as having no progress despite its Long Runner status whereas Pokémon fans label Inazuma Eleven a shallow and contrived series that is hated for stealing ratings in Japan. Considering how big of an impact Pokemon has in America and how it stole it ratings, the chance for Inazuma Eleven to attain that spot is possible.

Currently, Disney XD and America airs Yokai Watch, Beyblade Burst, and Pokemon Sun & Moon as part of an anime block that has a ton of merchandise already and considering the anime for Inazuma Eleven Ares is coming out around the same time at the games, this would be the perfect opportunity for America to be formally introduced to the franchise due to the alternate continuity of the series.

Not only should the Inazuma Eleven receive a proper localized anime in the United States, but the complication of the first three games and all three GO games should be released in America as well. Europe and Australia also deserve Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy's game. That way, Inazuma Eleven Ares can be paved the way to formally be introduced in America and be profitable in terms of ratings and profit.

LBX on the other hand has been severely underwhelmed in the United States and Europe however. Yes, Nintendo did some advertisement for the game, but compared to the other games, being released, the advertisement barely was enough. As you’ve seen in some of the reviews, LBX has been widely received with its only flaw being the lack of online play. Many reviewers agreed that Nintendo should’ve advertised the game more since it was mostly the fans and the voice actors from the english dub supporting the game. What most people don’t know is that there are still two more games waiting to be released: W and Wars. But just like Inazuma Eleven, so far we’ve only gotten one out of the three games released on the 3DS when the anime’s localization for both the original series and W has already been “completed”.

Speaking of the anime, when the dub was released and finished, fans of both sides found out that the series was being abridged from 44 episodes to 26 episodes with scenes, events, and plotlines altered and removed albeit telling the same story. There are three camps: one group who witnessed it for the first time enjoyed the series overall for the first time mostly due to the acting and the plot, a second group who felt the anime should’ve never been abridged in the first place since there are animes with darker events on tv (including Pokemon that weren’t edited), and a third camp that are fine with the dub, but wish that the reducing the number of episodes wasn’t necessary or hope for an uncut dub. A fourth group also enjoyed that scenes that felt too much like filler were removed altogether. To say there’s no middle ground is an understatement.

And before someone mentions that the anime could be too graphic, Singapore's Animax dub kept all 3 seasons without edits targeted for kids. And in the age of television, kids deserve better, which is what LBX is when you erase the edits. Multiple characters (Jessica, Yuya/Nils, Kosuke) just lose their focus episodes and plot focus as well. Kids and teens deserve better, especially from Level-5.

The second season was announced, but so far they’ve only covered up to episode 40 from the W series, but luckily it was announced that W’s dub would have 49 episodes. And yet the series was cut down to 26, with one episode still missing from the original airings and syndication (as of March 26, 2016, the combination of episodes 40 & 41 turned into episode 26 was the last airing of new LBX/Danball Senki content, while the episode with the finals of Artemis 2051 was accidentally skipped). Some hope the remaining episodes will air considering the latest episode ended on a Cliffhanger, others are worried that the dub was unfortunately cut short.

Nintendo also promised the LBX anime would be properly dubbed in Spanish in Spain, and they're still waiting for the 1st season to be licensed. As for the game, the first (and only one they've received) had the text translated into Spanish, but the voice acting was copied from the english.

“We are thrilled that the LBX franchise has found a fan base in the United States, and we look forward to working with the Nicktoons team and our licensing and promotional partners as we expand the LBX merchandise roster,” said Marc Harrington, Senior Vice President, Global Strategy and Development for Dentsu Entertainment, Inc. Then why has the fanbase not received anything within the past year?

Considering that anime such as YuGiOh Arc V and LBX were both on Nicktoons (Nickelodeon has been well known for treating imported shows unfairly), the move to Disney XD would at least guarantee the future of its series. The dub could also be commissioned even with the story elements that were left on its cliffhanger. And if its positively received, the possibility for Wars to be localized will not only give fans in America and certain parts of Europe the chance to finish both Inazuma Eleven and LBX, but the crossover movie: Inazuma Eleven vs Danball Senki W The Movie could also be released.

And both Inazuma Eleven and Yokai Watch received their own Youtube channels whereas anytime someone tries to post anytime LBX or Danball Senki related to promote the series, its either removed or copyrighted within a few days, especially by Bandai Channel. If there hasn't been any future for the franchise, why does Bandai Channel continue to flag people for a franchise they don't even care about.

What we ask for is Level-5 and Dentsu Entertainment to listen to the voice of their fans worldwide, ranging from LBX, Inazuma Eleven, and Level-5 and consider localizing those awesome games again, or at least confirm that the Inazuma Eleven and Danball Senki franchise will continue in America, by games, anime, or both:


Inazuma Eleven 1・2・3!!

2012 (Japan)-3DS

Inazuma Eleven GO

2011(Japan) 2014 (Europe) America (N/A)-3DS

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

2012 (Japan), 2015 (Europe), America (N/A)-3DS

Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy-3DS

2013 (Japan), N/A (Europe and America)

Danball Senki W (LBX W) Super Custom-3DS

2013(Japan), N/A (Europe and America)

Danball Senki Wars-3DS

2013 (Japan), N/A (America, Europe)

Inazuma Eleven: Ares No Tenbin

2017 (No release date confirmed)

Anime/TV Series

Inazuma Eleven (2008-2011)

-Number of Episodes: 127

-Inazuma Eleven Go (2011-2013)

-Number of Episodes: 141

LBX/Danball Senki

-Original Number of Episodes: 44

American/Global Number of Episodes: 26 (Save The President, Steel Monster, Uzaki/Osgood Brothers motivations for fighting the New Dawn Raizers/Innovators removed and Kouske's two part arrival removed)

LBX Season 2/Danball Senki W

-Original Number of Episodes: 58

American Number of Episodes: 26 (Hiro's group's mission in Libya, Angra Texas {how the other members could even get into Artemis 2051}, BC Extras and Yuya's episodes, Return to Tokio, Special Mode, Kirito's girlfriend, and episodes 42-58, the final parts of the season cut.)

-LBX Season 3/Danball Senki Wars

-Original Number of Episodes: 37

-Inazuma Eleven Go vs Danball Senki W Movie (2012)





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