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Petitioning Letters of support for Sergeant Micah Turners Defense.

Letters of support for Sergeant Micah Turners Defense.: We ask that Sergeant Micah Turner be discharged, not prosecuted.

To whom it may concern,
I add my name to this letter in full support of Sergeant Micah M Turner.
    In testament to Sergeant Turner's good character, he has bravely served his country for 3 different tours of duty in Afghanistan and 1 tour of duty in Iraq. Sgt. Turner did attempt to turn himself in multiple times at Fort Hamilton.  The first on Oct. 7th, but was told there was no one to process him on a Sunday. Then again on Oct. 8 2012, but he was refused because it was Columbus day. 
    We must ask ourselves, what is to much to ask of our soldiers? We are all aware of the enormous amounts of stress and pressure that Sgt. Micah and soldiers like him have endured during their own individual sacrifice. The rising numbers of emotionally distressed soldiers and the disgraceful suicide rate of our returning troops, simply cannot be ignored in good conscious.
    We plead with you, please do not punish Sgt. Turner even further. With less then a year left of his 6 year enlistment, we ask that you recognize the sacrifice of Sgt. Turners 5 years and 4 tours of service and recommend him for discharge, not prosecution.

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