Spare a minute and help us to Save Assam's Lone Ramsar Site, the 'Deepor Beel'

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Help Us Save the Deepor Beel. Help Us Save Nature. Help Us Save Guwahati.
Let Us Save the 'Deepor Beel' Can you spare a minute for the ailing 'Deepor Beel' of Assam?

The once majestic wetland which is Assam's lone Ramsar site is facing several threats from many quarters.

The 'plastification' of the 'Beel' has clogged up the wetland and turned the wetland into a 'wasteland'. The migratory birds which used to come here in droves, now have chosen to stay away due to increasing toxicity. In fact, the Hargilla, one of the resident species, has been dying under mysterious circumstances in recent times.

Plastics should be banned so that the 'Beel' can breathe again. The Guwahati Municipal Corporation's dumping ground at the 'Beel' has also taken on a foul appearance, and has caused alarm among both men and beasts dependent on the ecosystem.

The four elephant corridors which run through the 'Beel' are also threatening to become elephantine death zones due to the laying of a double-track railway through the area, which the Government of India intends to construct through the wetland. We need to raise our voices loud and clear if we are to safeguard the elephant corridor.

Locals, who have been safeguarding the elephants by keeping watch while they pass the perilous lines, are now raising a hue-and-cry as they believe a second railway track would sound the death-knell for the beasts dwelling in the area.

Solution to all these problems are :

1.Guwahatians must avoid using Plastics.

2.Shifting of garbage dumping ground from near the Beel.

3.Stop the construction of Double railway track to save Elephants.

4.Stop encroachment near the Beel.

Thus, there is a great need to save the 'Beel'. Sign the petition and join our movement to save the 'Deepor Beel'.

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