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lets stop the animals cruelty in the world and in china from geting skinned alive

I'm working on all animals right and also I'm working to stop the cruelty on china all animals been skinned alive for fur all dogs,cats,racoon's,extra.are been skinned alive I mean alive they don't even killed them first while the animals breathing hard  they smashed them in to the walls or hard surfaces and the animals don't die immediately they suffer a lot and they skinned them alive please lets stop the cruelty of all animals around the world and lets stop the cruelty in china all animals skinned alive and mistreated badly please to all the people and may you all be blessed and all your loved ones much love to all:):)

Letter to
The U.S. House of Representatives
For the sake of safeguarding my freedom of speech and assembly, I ask you to repeal the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA).

Despite its stated intent, AETA has not diminished the threats against vivisectors or others who exploit and abuse animals. Instead, it has chilled activists' freedom of expression and assembly. Activists charged under AETA have been engaged in the same forms of peaceful protest and civil disobedience that earned Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. a national holiday.

AETA has distracted law enforcement officials from prosecuting real terrorist threats. Its vague and conflicting language and exceptionally harsh penalties challenge its constitutionality and make it very difficult to enforce.

Local threats and vandalism should be prosecuted under local laws. Federal laws addressing national terrorist threats should be directed equally at all sources and ideologies and should not sacrifice the liberties granted to us under the Bill of Rights.

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