Closing American Dog Club of Suffolk and Nassau County for good

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STOP THESE PUPPIE STORES FROM SELLING ANY MORE PUPPIES,LETS JOIN FORCES WITH local activists to tell the mayor of new York to tell them this is profoundly inhumane.Why isn't the health dep't there doing anything after all the complaints I am boggled over this, why aren't they being written up  after so many complaints  they are unhealthy looking and lathargic and dirty...Im sick to my stomach, bad reviews about how sick the puppies are,if you go on yelp and Facebook see for yourself.they keep 4 to 5 or more puppies in one cubicle, they don't have a regular vet that comes in and checks on these puppies,they claim they dont get there puppies from the mills but when you ask any questions in the store they are not very nice. they have a facebook page take a look at all the negative statements.please share this and sign. Dear City of long island,You first have to know how and what really is going on behind closed doors, its not pretty to read but please understand why I am writing this, Female dogs are usually bred the first time they come into heat and are bred every heat cycle. They are bred until their poor worn out bodies can't reproduce any longer and then they are killed. Often they are killed by being bashed in the head with a rock or shot. Sometimes they are sold to laboratories or dumped. This is often by the time they reach five years old.The food that is fed in puppy mills is often purchased from dog food companies by the truck load. It is sometimes made of the sweepings from the floor. It is so devoid of nutritional value that the dogs' teeth rot at early ages.Dogs in puppy mills are debarked often by ramming a steel rod down their throats to reputure their vocal cords.Puppies are often taken from their mother when they are 5 to 8 weeks old and sold to brokers who pack them in crates for resale to pet stores all over the country.The puppies are shipped by truck or plane and often without adequate food, water, ventilation or shelter. Innocent families buy the puppies only to find that the puppy is very ill or has genetic or emotional problems. Often the puppies die of disease. Many others have medical problems that cost thousands of dollars. And many have emotional problems because they have not been properly socialized in the mills. Don't bring this misery into your home.Approximately 3,500 pet stores in the United States sell puppies. They sell approximately 500,000 thousand puppies a year. It is estimated that the puppy industry in Missouri is valued at 40 million dollars a year. The puppy industry in one county in Pennsylvania - Lancaster - is valued at 4 million dollars a year. These puppy mills have gained a notorious reputation for putting profits ahead of the humane treatment of dogs and cats.Pet stores often tell customers that their puppies come from local breeders or quality breeders. Don't believe them, ask to see the paperwork and find out where the puppies really come from.If the people of the United States refused to buy a puppy in a pet store, the misery of puppy mills would end. Please tell everyone you know about the puppymill and petstore connection.Some dogs are so psychologically scarred from the mind numbing boredom of being imprisoned in a small cage for year and years that they have developed repetitive habits like going round and round in circles for hours and hours or barking at the wall for hours. They need your help, it just breaks my heart when I pass that store knowing how hard I am to try and stop this, just take the puppies and adopt them out please ,i wish people would not go there and say oh how cute I want one, well guess what people you are supporting 100 percent of puppy mills money in there pockets, they don't care about these puppies nor do the store employees. Lets stop this owner from opening any more of these stores. These Puppies are in need of are help. What can we do:Please call the clerk of council of Suffolk county Judith A. Pascale that you oppose to having these pets stores first in the malls and second selling sick puppies.Clerk of Council Judith Pascale (631)-852-2000 .If no answer stay on the line and leave a message in general voicemail.