Let Us Come Together For The Slaughter-Bound Dogs

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While it may be true that animal welfare ends when the animal dies, with regard to neglect and inflected cruelty, the owner or perpetrator cannot totally escape the law.

Animal welfare is every pet or animal owner’s business and the act that lead to the demise of his animal is susceptible to scrutiny and possible charges as explained in Republic Act 8485 (The Animal Welfare Act of 1998).

The inescapable and painful reality for an animal welfare campaigner is the everyday sight of stray dogs and cats scavenging, the horrible condition of the transported cows, chickens and other food animals. Add to that the knowledge of how these animals are raised and slaughtered and it becomes an unforgiving guilt-trip.

While it is true that the Philippine government is equipped with apt regulations to limit animal cruelty it is scarcely implemented because in the order of budget allocation, the powers-that-be do not prioritize rescuing strays because there are sporadic feeding activities in public schools, short-lived livelihood projects in relocation sites and other vague pro-poor programs to implement.

Animals do not vote but their owners do or, at least, those who care about them.  While the ever worsening case of neglect of pets and cases of strays is reflected on the reported three hundred thousand cases of animal bites yearly per Department of Health’s Manual of Operation of 2012, no nationwide solution is offered in the elimination of strays or, at least, a semblance of strict animal welfare law implementation is felt. Dog-meat serving restaurants in the north still proliferates.

Animal welfare NGO’s in the country tend to specialize on issues where they can be effective and make the greatest impact. If a dog-meat-trade-focused NGO receives a call from someone who is distraught to help a stray dog, it is more likely that the caller will be referred to a office of the city veterinarian, if not to other groups who are known to rescue street dogs.

The lack of attention afforded to regulations that will limit animal welfare cases in this country hugely affects the effectiveness of animal welfare NGO’s. The economics of rescuing animals is a big concern for these organizations. Although they cannot go back to the “innocence-is-bliss” state, they certainly cannot rescue every distressed animal. Animal welfare issues in this country are just vast and bred-in-the-bone in the habits of the majority of its inhabitants.

Charity begins at home and widening the awareness of people who have or involved with animals can eventually lay the groundwork for the spread of treating animals as no different to man. There is hope but only with serious and sincere help of the government and, although it is being carried out by some animal welfare groups, proper authorities should pursue and punish people who are cruel to animals.  Only the government can greatly limit animal welfare cases in this country. It has to take notice for the animals’ sake.

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Greg Salido Quimpo

President/Campaign Manager-AKF









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