LET THEM PLAY - Return to Hockey with the Safe Reopening of Arenas (2021 Q1).

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The COVID-19 virus has an emotional, social, physical and a developmental impact on our young and impressionable children.

Our objective with UHAA this quarter is to ensure that the mental health of our children is at the forefront of all conversations relating to reopening plans in Alberta.

Many families want their children reengaging in positive developmental programs and are concerned about the long-term consequences of continued isolation and restrictions.

We are asking for a balanced approach where the mental health of our youth is considered and respected alongside the recovery of our province.

We are proposing that the Alberta Government consider our multi-phased reopening plan for Ice Arenas for the first quarter of 2021. Our proposal includes safe standards and risk reduction strategies for a gradual and responsible return to game play.

Here is a link to our proposal:

Proposal for Return to Hockey with the Safe Reopening of Arenas (Covid-19 – Second Wave).