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let them hear you

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The most important women's issue in the USA, at this time, is healthcare reform, act   :)


Being a woman isn't a pre-existing condition, a basis for denying coverage or services   :)


The clock is ticking, every 8 minutes another woman dies because they do not have health insurance; someone you know might be next, soon- the time to act for real healthcare reform is now   :) 





"Urgent Amendments Pending: Single Payer Lives   :)

Speak Out To Support The Members Of Congress Still Fighting For Us On
Health Care

After an anti-heroic 6 month campaign by Congress to avoid
confronting the real problem in any meaningful way, that insurance
company overhead and outlandish, undeserved profits are bleeding our
health care system to death, the headline read, "Get ready to pay
more for your health coverage."

But elsewhere the headline also read, "Public option backers fight
on." Because there ARE valiant members of Congress who are still
fighting for good public policy, Anthony Weiner with an amendment to
substitute HR 676 for the core of HR 3200, the Kucinich amendment to
allow states to implement their own single payer plans, and the
Sanders (S 703) amendment on the Senate side. Any or all of these
amendments can and WILL pass if only we speak up in sufficient
numbers. Please make your voice heard today.

Single Payer Amendments Action Page:

Now let us be clear, any so-called "public option" short of true
single payer is just an exercise in seeing how much they can cripple
any actual remedy. Single payer is the ONLY strong public option. But
in the meantime the latest word from the White House is that
President Obama "prefers" a public option, but is not going to demand
it. So what is this all about, "change we would prefer," or something
like that? Would the American people have elected a candidate with
the slogan, "Change we would prefer?" We think not.

So who is going to demand it? Who IS going to stand up and fight for
REAL change? . . . And the answer is the same as it has always been,
we the people. Because unless we the people make our voices heard,
and unless we keep speaking out regardless of how many defeatist
sirens in the corporate media try to persuade us to lay down our
tongues without a fight, none of our champions can prevail alone.

And it looks like at least some semblance of a robust public option
may come out of the House, and only because of the pressure we have
applied with our voices already, mind you. But of course corporate
forces will try to get that compromised away yet further in the
Senate. So our message to our House members is this, "We will hold
you accountable if the FINAL bill does not contain a STRONG public

Single Payer Amendments Action Page:

It is not enough for them to just cast a vote in their own chamber
and say, "Well, gosh we tried." No, we expect our House members to
actually fight for us, to stick to their guns and not just roll over
at the finish line. Because of one thing you can be sure, the
American people at large will hold them accountable in the end.

If the Baucus bill looks like it was written by the Republicans, it's
because, surprise, surprise . . . it was. The Democrats have the
votes to pass ANYTHING they really want. But have bent over backwards
so far to try to appease the obstructionist Republicans whose votes
they will never get, not to mention their own corporate handlers,
that we now have a Republican bill that the Republicans themselves
can disown. So when the American people finally wake up to how much
the Baucus bill is a corporate slanted con job, they will vent their
wrath on the Democrats and the Republicans take their seats back.
Pretty slick, huh?

But they can't get away with any of this stuff unless we are silent,
unless they think they can get away with fooling us. So speak out and
keep speaking out, so they know the people are paying attention this
time and will NOT be fooled. We may have to fight this state by state
for many years. We have been fighting this fight so many years
already. We're not going to stop now.

And here is the one click Facebook page for this action.

Single Payer Amendments Action:

And the Twitter reply to send, to send this message to all your
members of Congress that way, is

@cxs #p1013

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

If you would like to get alerts like these, you can do so at   "


If you have heard something that concerns you, have a reality check on republican healthscare spin, check out Non-partisan   :)

As well, please, advocate for single-payer healthcare, with Community First Choice Option and CLASS Act (Community Choice Act for the handicapped, elderly, autistic, disabled, etc.); H.R. 676 & S. 703, are the best of the lot, so far.  Thanks.  Goodbye.   reality

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