Let the truth emerge #JusticeForGiulio #giulioregeni #whereisgiulio


Let the truth emerge #JusticeForGiulio #giulioregeni #whereisgiulio

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Giovanni Parmeggiani ha lanciato questa petizione e l'ha diretta a Matteo Renzi (Ex Presidente del Consiglio dei Ministri (2014-2016)) e a

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Now we all know Giulio Regeni: he was a 28-year-old doctoral student studying at Cambridge, whose interests lay in international and Middle-Eastern politics. He was doing field-research on the Egyptian economy, which was going to be the subject matter of his doctoral dissertation. He reported on the Italian media on the tumultuous politics of post-Mubarak Egypt, denouncing the injustices he witnessed, advocating the respect of civil rights.  

Giulio disappeared on the anniversary of Mubarak's deposition. We know now that Giulio was tortured and killed. His murder, the murder of any researcher, reporter or traveller is not just a personal tragedy: it’s an assault on freedoms of thought, speech and movement. Giulio’s killers have challenged the notion that peace and prosperity among countries involves the opportunity for citizens of the world to meet and understand one another, wherever they may live, whatever the questions they may want to ask. Their actions threaten our freedom to experience and investigate the world.

We grieve Giulio, and in our grief we want to send a clear message to all the authorities: let the truth emerge, let the perpetrators pay for their crime, let our governments demonstrate, in words and deeds, that when curiosity is trampled by aggression, they will always protect the curious and punish the aggressors.

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Questa petizione aveva 84.930 sostenitori

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