Let Tesla Know You Want Support for Ohmmu Batteries in Model 3 and Model Y Vehicles

Let Tesla Know You Want Support for Ohmmu Batteries in Model 3 and Model Y Vehicles

May 2, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ohmmu Energy

Tesla has had long-standing issues with their 12V lead acid batteries for many years. Batteries often fail at accelerated rates, sometimes lasting only 1-2 years, and until recently would die without any warning, leaving owners locked out and unable to drive their vehicles.

After experiencing being stranded first-hand in a Tesla Model S, while traveling through the Southwest in the middle of summer, and then hearing similar stories shared by other Tesla owners, Ohmmu was created with a mission to build a safer, longer-lasting, and more eco-friendly 12V battery for the Tesla Community.

We succeeded in that effort and for the past 7+ years, Ohmmu has become the #1 trusted brand for upgrading your Tesla 12V battery. Our 12V lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries excel in every way over the traditional 12V lead acid batteries used by Tesla, including longevity, performance, weight, safety, and environmental friendliness.

Compared to lead acid batteries, our LiFePO4 batteries last ~4 times longer, are half the weight, and far less toxic with no off-gassing (lead acid batteries need to be vented, and have the potential to swell and crack open when they go bad, releasing sulfur fumes and potentially spewing out acid).

By using our batteries, Tesla owners can displace hundreds of pounds of toxic lead over the battery's lifetime, saving time and money by avoiding the need for constant battery swaps and being vastly more environmentally responsible. The LiFePO4 chemistry of our batteries is by far the safest and most chemically stable of all the lithium battery types and doesn't contain any rare earths or heavy metals.

Elon Musk has acknowledged Tesla's 12V battery shortcomings in interviews and tweets, and Tesla is now transitioning to the use of 12V lithium batteries in their 2021+ Model S/X and 2022+ Model 3/Y vehicles. Unfortunately, these changes would likely require expensive retrofitting for earlier models, so it's very unlikely to apply to the 2+ million vehicles already sold by Tesla in the years 2021 and prior. For those Tesla owners, they will be stuck using lead acid 12V batteries (absent a better alternative like Ohmmu), which is why Tesla recently began pushing out software updates to try and prevent owners from being locked out or stranded by their prone-to-fail batteries.

Unfortunately, it is these recent software changes from Tesla to the 12V monitoring system in Model 3 and Model Y vehicles which have introduced errors and incompatibility issues with our batteries, due to an inability to distinguish between their short-lived 12V lead acid batteries and our long-lasting LiFePO4 batteries.

Ohmmu believes these issues could be resolved by either:

a) Tesla giving owners the ability to choose their 12V battery profile (e.g. SLA or LFP) in the Tesla MCU, or

b) Tesla accounting for Ohmmu LFP batteries when running their 12V battery health diagnostics.

We feel Tesla owes it to YOU to be able to choose a longer-lasting, more reliable, and more eco-friendly 12V battery for your electric vehicles. Ohmmu is 100% willing to work with Tesla on these and any other solutions, but we need your help in getting the message out!

Please sign this petition and share with your friends and family on social media!


A Message from Co-Sponsor Jim Stack, President of the Phoenix Electric Auto Association

As a long-time advocate and proponent of electric vehicles, I can attest to the many remarkable things Tesla has done for the electric vehicle and EV community as a whole.

Tesla became the first auto manufacturer to completely dedicate themselves to building electric vehicles and has revolutionized the industry from top to bottom, helping to make EVs become more widely accepted by the mainstream and more practical to own.

Along with their many achievements though, there have also been shortcomings and failures. Tesla's 12V lead acid batteries are one of those, and they have long been known as a weak point and one of the most common sources of failure within the vehicles.

While the 12V battery issues went unacknowledged by Tesla for many years, Ohmmu, a small business with a passion for electric vehicles, saw the need and desire for a more reliable 12V battery solution within the Tesla Community and created it. I was an early supporter and adopter of Ohmmu batteries, and I can attest that they have worked exceptionally well for me and are a highly regarded 12V battery solution for other Tesla owners and their EVs.

After many years of neglect, Tesla has recently started to finally acknowledge and shift their attention to the widespread issues related to their failing 12V batteries. Unfortunately, in the process of implementing a health monitoring system to alert Tesla owners of failing 12V lead acid batteries, they created errors and incompatibilities with what is widely regarded as the preferred battery solution for Teslas among many, Ohmmu's 12V LiFePO4 batteries.

I feel that it is not right for Ohmmu, the small business that stepped up to the plate and provided a working solution to Tesla's 12V battery issues when there was none, to be disregarded by Tesla and have their batteries (which have been purchased and installed by thousands of Tesla owners) be ignored and potentially made to be incompatible by Tesla failing to incorporate it as a 12V option in their MCU or by factoring it into their 12V health diagnostics and monitoring system.  

It's my hope that by reaching out and rallying fellow Tesla owners and enthusiasts to sign this petition, we can convince Tesla to work with Ohmmu directly and provide the Tesla community with the choice to upgrade the 12V batteries in our vehicles to a longer-lasting, more reliable, and eco-friendlier solution.


For more information and to read further about why Tesla should support Ohmmu batteries, please visit: https://support.ohmmu.com/kb/en/article/let-tesla-know-you-want-support-for-ohmmu-batteries-in-model-3-and-model-y-vehicles


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Signatures: 2,948Next Goal: 5,000
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