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Not long ago, I was confused about my career path, if at all I wanted to be in technology, I felt stuck and didn't know how to move forward. I came across systers via GHC website and I loved how accessible people were. 

Systers, founded by Anita Borg in 1987, is an international electronic mailing list for technical women in computing. It was established to provide a private space for its members to seek input and share advice based on their common experiences.It is the largest email community of women in computing from all over the world, from all backgrounds, from all ages and from diverse backgrounds.

With systers,
I could post about career, corporate politics, changing roles, jobs, technical issues and even the personal issues directly and anonymously

Sisters from across the borders would share stories that deeply resonated, empowered and the inspired.

The community engagements, even in spin-off emails, were extremely encouraging.

I haven't had a single mail/query that I sent out, that was not responded by a fellow sister.

I have learnt volumes about inclusivity and diversity which has helped me to run local communities.

Just to find a sense of belonging itself was a great assurance over the years.

Today, the current owners of systers, want to move to a platform - mobilize, which has privacy issues. Systers community is intent on protecting the safety, security and privacy of the members and this platform. We reject the migration of the forum to Mobilize or any other 3rd party provider who is unable to ensure comparable levels of safety of their platform.

Time and again we have been told we are empowered but despite suggesting alternatives and suggesting to fix the issues for over a year, we have been made to believe that it is not possible. Today, we are told that a group of women in technology cannot solve a technical problem and that's not true, we can find solutions and we have offered. 

I am filing this petition to ask to not dismantle the community, to let us fix the issues and let Anita Borg's dream live on, let the community function with her vision.

Please sign this petition to show solidarity with the systers!

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