Let Slum-Band DOCH CHKAE go to Wacken! #wackenwaisen


Let Slum-Band DOCH CHKAE go to Wacken! #wackenwaisen

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DOCH CHKAE, the gritty slum-metal band born out of the rubble of a dumpsite in Phnom Penh, had their visas rejected for Germany to perform at the world’s biggest heavy metal festival – Wacken in Germany!

Despite the thrashing four-piece having the full financial support of festival organisers, the German Embassy in Phnom Penh was worried that they might ditch their lives in Cambodia and try to live underground in Germany.

“As they are not economically grounded in Cambodia, they might not want to return to Cambodia,” reads an English translation of the German Embassy’s visa rejection letter. 

In short, they are too poor to be trusted! 

I am a  Swiss citizen, who co-founded and manages DOCH CHKAE. I'm also the director of a nongovernmental organization for disadvantaged children in Cambodia:

This decision was and still is senseless to me!
The Foreign Ministry wants to promote cultural exchange between the nations, so why do they have visa rules that prevent cultural exchange!

In fact, I am a long-term Cambodian resident and was scheduled to travel with the band - even offering my own personal assurances, that they would respect the conditions of their visas and return to Cambodia after the festival on pre-booked flights, but to no avail.

So, the band has launched this petition to have the decision overturned! 

Please show your support by signing, and show it fast: The festival begins Wednesday and DOCH CHKAE are booked to blast the 80,000 metal lovers out of their skins on Friday night. Share, share, share! 

Thank you!

Timon Seibel & Doch Chkae

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