Let's reevaluate the move of multi-needs students from Field to Emerson next year!

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As District 205 parents, many of us were shocked to hear how parents at Field school were informed via a form letter about the upcoming changes to relocate their children with special needs to Emerson WITHOUT any prior discussion, focus group, or forum with the affected families and staff. This abrupt change will cause great disruption to the development of children who already struggle with transition and is likely to set several students back in their progress. The social implications of being separated from their friends, peers, and staff with whom they are familiar is similarly devastating.

While we truly appreciate our elected board’s dedication to serve our community and thank them for their service, we would encourage our administration and our new superintendent to pay attention to their “employers”--the parents and tax payers in this community--and to serve with compassion and responsibility. We further understand no decision will please everyone, but we seek a) the need for greater transparency behind the reasoning of this decision--and any decision that affects our children and b) the room for necessary input from the community before such decisions are made.

Thanks in advance, and we assume that, pending the release of further information by District 205 regarding the proposed move, it will potentially be reevaluated if reevaluation is warranted (as it currently appears to be). At present, we are requesting that, at the January 2016 board meeting, Dr. Moyer, his staff, or members of the board provide attendees with evidence clearly delineating why it's necessary for all of Field's multi-needs students to be relocated to Emerson. In addition, we would like a reason for why this decision was made without greater consideration of parent input, transparency, or compassion for the transitional needs of such children. As taxpayers within 205, we have a right to be heard, review the aforementioned evidence, and hold discussion (or, if necessary, professional, calm debate) to ensure that the best interests of our children are prioritized at all times. As parents, we refuse to simply accept decrees or decisions that we feel do not reflect this right.


Concerned Parents within District 205

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