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Let’s move on: The age of migration is for real

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Migration is the oldest tale of humankind. The public narrative on migration needs to change.  

A billion people live and work outside the place of their birth. The individual decision to move, whether by choice or necessity, and the impact of population movement, is at the core of today’s world. Migration is a defining feature of the 21st century with a central place in the sweep of human history.

The treatment and framing of us who have crossed borders to seek opportunities, protection or better and safer lives, is often degrading and dehumanizing.  The persistence in downplaying migration has struck an agonizing chord for too long.

One out of every seven people on the planet today is on the move.

Step up to the age of migration.

Sign for a new migration beat.


Five principles for a more human migration narrative:

  1. I who have been forced to flee have a refugee experience – I am not my exile. 
  2. I who have a refugee story also have experiences, competences, perspectives and opinions. Just like everyone else.  
  3. I who end up in the migration statistics: I am not a number – I am a human being with a past, a present and a future.  
  4. I who am regarded as a drain on local resources, I am not a free loader – I add and contribute to society.                                                                                        
  5. I who am perceived as a threat or a stranger – do not talk about me or to me. Talk with me.

Crash course in migration: Seven migration basics

  1. Migration is involuntary or voluntary. Many flee, most move voluntarily.
  2. Almost all migration involves some kind of compulsion; almost all migration involves choices.
  3. Migration is not streams, waves, volume, pressure or flows. It is the movement by people from one place to another with the intentions of settling temporarily or permanently in the new location. 
  4. Migration is a defining feature of contemporary society, and has always been an integral component of human life, livelihood and development.   
  5. Migration gives rise to transformative processes that are reshaping political, cultural, economic and social spheres in countries throughout every region in the world. 
  6. Migration is not a news story; it is the oldest narrative of humankind.
  7. The migration age is not a passing episode. It is a fact of reality that urges a new mindset and a fundamental shift in emphasis: from framing and tackling migration as a disruptive event towards adapting societies to a world on the move. 


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