Let's Make the Afro Hair Emoji Happen #AfroHairMatters

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PLEASE COMMENT WHY YOU WANT AFROMOJI! Let's tell Unicode that #AfroHairMatters!!

Emoji are a universal language of self expression. Afro-haired users like myself, however, don’t have any emoji that reflect our hair or cultural identities. Everybody should be able to see themselves in the digital conversations they're having. Our hair and our stories matter.

I am submitting an official Afro Hair Emoji proposal to Unicode March 31, 2019 for potential acceptance in their 2020 selection. Currently, emoji hair is straight and Eurocentric, and fails to represent the diversity of Black, Afro-Latinx and other Diasporic communities with kinkier, spherical, coily hair. Afro hair has been long neglected in universal beauty norms, which you see globally from actors and newscasters told their natural hair is unprofessional to children being sent home from school for natural hairstyles. We should feel celebratory of the cultural and historical richness of our roots, onscreen and IRL! The addition of the Afro Hair Emoji would help diversify cultural representation and provide a more inclusive experience for emoji users. Our proposed range is inclusive of all skintones, ages and gender identities!

Sign our petition to support the natural hair movement and empower more users to celebrate not only their skin, but the hair that they’re in.

This petition will prove the urgency and value of an Afro Hair emoji. Thank you for your support! Sign, share and tell your friends why #AfroHairMatters! ❤️


Creator Rhianna Jones @xx_rhiannajones 


Designer Kerrilyn Gibson @kerrilynnoelle