Let’s make our Royal Parks safe for everyone

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Our beautiful Royal Parks are up there with Britain’s great landmarks. Around 80 million residents and tourists visit them every single year. But speeding cars are killing wildlife, choking the air with diesel exhaust and making the parks dangerous for children, the elderly and other vulnerable park goers. That’s why I’m calling for the Royal Parks to go motor vehicle-free.

On a recent visit to Hyde Park with my two young children, a speeding Land Rover nearly ran us over while we were crossing the road at marked crossing. No visitor to the Royal Parks should have to experience that. Every visitor from the youngest children to our most elderly citizens should feel safe.

The Royal Parks should be calm, safe  spaces where we can get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and deadly air pollution. But even in the middle of a Royal Park, the presence of cars means we are not free from choking, toxic exhaust fumes and the threat of a deadly accident.

These cars aren’t just detrimental to our health - they are also killing wildlife. Over 20 deer are killed or injured every year by cars in our Royal Parks, and birds are routinely crushed against the windscreens of speeding drivers.

Restoring the  beauty and serenity of the Royal Parks by removing motor vehicles would show the UK’s commitment to  global leadership. The Royal Parks could show the rest of the world how great modern cities can still be good for our physical and mental health. This is why it’s so important to make them motor vehicle -free, ideally starting the week leading into Car Free Day on 22 September 2019.

Together we can ensure our Royal Parks are healthy and safe for people and for wildlife.

Please sign to make our Royal Parks safe for all

PS - Of course, the request for a car free parks assumes that access would be maintained for essential deliveries to park cafes, emergency vehicles and for disabled visitors, as is standard practice.