Let's Make Indonesia's Online Shopping Packaging More Plastic-free!

Let's Make Indonesia's Online Shopping Packaging More Plastic-free!

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I am Rasya Assegaf, a first year of Cikal Lebak Bulus High School. I call on Tokopedia, as the No.1 largest eCommerce company in Indonesia (and where my parents are active buyers), with the hope that they could lead a big change in supporting a more environmentally-friendly online shopping experience.

With their movements and choices, I am certain that Tokopedia could set a higher standard of sustainability for similar companies. They could lead considerable changes to the sustainability practices of online shopping. A similar petition was made by a different group in 2021. But until today, I haven’t seen any changes in Tokopedia practices. So, let’s do it again.

There was a 62 percent increase in transactions in the eCommerce sector from pre to post COVID-19 years- 2020 to 2021. But to support the rise, there have not been any significant changes in how our eCommerce companies handle the plastic waste skyrocketing from their packages packaging.

Plastic pollution is a serious, and global problem. It is harmful to ourselves, our animals, our environment, and so, it is impertinent that together we reduce, reuse, and recycle plastics. In 2021, there is a recorded 8.3 billion tons of plastic in the world. 6.3 billion tons of which is plastic waste. Therefore I ask eCommerce companies- specifically Tokopedia, to do their part in reducing Indonesia's plastic consumption.

I call on Tokopedia to take responsibility for their impact on plastic pollution by:

  • Providing options for buyers for reduced or plastic-free packaging;
  • Providing features that help users differentiate and support plastic-conscious sellers (sellers who use reduced or plastic-free packaging);
  • Providing plastic-conscious training to their sellers;

Leading changes for sustainability options should also be in line with Tokopedia’s own corporate social responsibility pledge, which includes the 5th pillar of Environmental Action.

The solutions to plastic pollution are complex, transboundary, and multilateral. But if everyone does their part, consumers and companies alike, we will, if nothing else, make a big dent in the problem. 

If you care about plastic pollution and agree with the above please sign this petition.

If you are interested in finding out more about this problem and my own contributions, feel free to visit my Instagram @project packaged, my LinkTree, and my Open Letter addressed specifically to Tokopedia. 

Best regards.

1.697 telah menandatangani. Mari kita ke 2.500.