Let's help the environment to recover together

Let's help the environment to recover together

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One of the most deforested tropical and subtropical countries, the Philippines has been ravaged by decades of rapid deforestation. In 1900, the Philippines' estimated forest cover was 21 million hectares or about 70% of the country's total land area. There were 5.5 million hectares of forests in 1999, but only 800,000 of these were primary forests. The remaining forest is in danger as long as illicit logging is allowed to continue.

The Institute of Environmental Science for Social Change recently published a report (1999) on the state of the Philippine forest, titled Decline of the Philippine Forest (ESSC). Examines how deforestation has impacted the environment over time and considers new ideas about what may be done to reverse the trend. There are two probable outcomes for the Philippines in 2010 that are examined in this research. However, the other scenario predicts that things will remain as they have been and that the country's resources will continue to be degraded, which is a bleak outlook. Philippine Forestry Statistics of the Forest Management Bureau suggest that the overall national forest cover is roughly 7.014 million or 23.38 percent of the country's total land area of around 30 million hectares, according to the 2017 figures. Some regions of deforestation have stabilized or even reversed while forest cover has fallen far short of 1934's 17.8 million hectares. As a result of deforestation, a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions are released into the atmosphere Since its establishment in 2011 as part of its National Climate Change Action Plan (NCCAP) and Philippine Development Plan 2011-2016 (PDP) goals, it has been committed to working with a wide range of stakeholders to adopt the country's forest policy to better meet the needs of climate change mitigation and adaptation.

What is the cause of deforestation? 

  • For the expansion of urban areas, such as urban settlements, commercial facilities, road bridges, power plants, and others that have a large impact on forest life, forests are removed. There will be an enormous amount of deforestation as a result of this.
  • Forests are being protected from unlawful logging by several government entities. Deforestation occurs regardless of whether logging is legal or illegal. Logging corporations cut down trees indiscriminately in order to satisfy the timber market's needs. This prevents the local fauna and trees from regenerating and sustaining themselves, resulting in the extinction of all species in the area.
  • Forests can also be cleared for commercial purposes, such as oil and mining exploration. Forest fires can occur on their own, or they can be started by humans in order to clear vast areas of land. Deforestation and habitat destruction resulting from a result.

Deforestation's Effects on Wildlife and Human Society:

  • Flooding and Drought 
  • Climate Change
  • Loss of Biodiversity
  • Disruption of the Water Cycle

You can help the fight against deforestation by following these simple steps:

  • Wherever possible, plant a tree.
  • At home and at the office, go paperless.
  • Purchase recycled things and recycle them.
  • Purchase wood items that are certified. Examine the labels for the FSC (Forest
  • Stewardship Council) certification mark.
  • Sustain your purchases with products from companies committed to decreasing deforestation. It's strictly business. If you refrain from purchasing, they will be compelled to improve their practices.
  • Increase awareness among your group and community.
  • Purchase only what you intend to utilize.
  • Avoid using Palm Oil or items containing Palm Oil.
    Each product manufactured from trees is recyclable. Recycling should be done diligently.

Sign this petition and help us to contribute promoting to support stop the tremendous amount of deforestation in the Philippines, and to help local communities that fighting to save our mother earth. 

102 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!