Let's Get Bandel Cheese its Due

Let's Get Bandel Cheese its Due

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Chef Ranveer Brar started this petition to Big Basket and

"I will just make Bandel cheese for another month or so as my father and our ancestors have been doing for centuries and it makes him happy still", Palash Ghosh, Bandel cheese maker.

However, because of NO DEMAND, Palash, the last surviving Bandel cheesemaker has been forced to take up the job of a night watchman!
During the lockdown, Palash had to throw away as many as 12000 cheese discs as their suppliers had shut shop!

LET'S GET BANDEL CHEESE ITS DUE. A GI tag to keep it alive in our conversations and on our plates. Sign my petition.

What's Bandel Cheese?
Bandel Cheese is a fresh cheese made of cow's milk using a technique that's at least 500 years old. This artisanal cheese, introduced by the Portuguese in India, is made from Chhena and was originally produced in Bandel. However, it's now no more made there, with only a handful making it near Arambagh.

The two varieties produced, Smoked and plain have their own distinct flavours. Trust me when I say that the Cheese is a work of art and works great in traditional and innovated dishes alike. For many, Bandel Cheese is nothing short of an emotion, a sense of pride.

Why this petition?
My conversation with Palash from Chak Chand village, West Bengal is still ringing in my ears. Palash is desperately trying to continue & sustain the artisanal Bandel Cheese, that his family's been producing for generations now.

In my small bid to help, I posted a recipe on 11th May on my YouTube channel, featuring Bandel cheese and sharing Palash's story. My idea was to get people who follow my work, to support them and in turn help get the cheese the recognition it deserves.

IF WE DON'T ACT NOW, a beautiful and age-old cheese making craft will be lost FOREVER in the pages of a few recipe books.

Why GI tag?
With a GI or Geographical Indication tag, I am hoping the Bandel Cheese will draw more interest and thereby encourage the continuation of this & similar forms of indigenous cheese-making.

Through this petition I also call upon Amazon, Blinkit, Big Basket and all the leading online grocery stores that have made in-roads into millions of homes, to do their bit to help revive the Bandel cheese.

This small effort will not just make a big difference to a hardworking family but will also help sustain a precious ingredient for generations to come.

Do join me by signing my petition today and don't forget to share it around :)

0 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!
At 25,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on Change.org!