Let's fix the rigged sports betting market & help millions.

Let's fix the rigged sports betting market & help millions.

May 6, 2022
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Why this petition matters

The sports betting markets are rigged. Sports fans are being cheated !

This is disgusting & needs to be stopped.

Sign this petition, and be part of the solution to fix sports betting & help millions of people.

We’re meeting with government officials to make change, but need your signature to do it.

This petition was created by members of live sports betting community inplayLIVE.com.

What’s the problem?

Governments legalized betting - exposing tens of millions of people to the sports betting world…

…without giving them fair betting markets to participate in.

It's time for them to make the fix.

Billion dollar sportsbook apps use your data against you - if the data shows you're a likely long term loser, algorithms push you in a losing direction, and will still take your bets if you lose your house.

But here's the kicker - if the data shows you've improved & are becoming a long term winner, you'll be RESTRICTED from betting on the app.

Think about that for a second... !

Your chances of being profitable long term are already ridiculously small (5% is often stated) - how greedy are these sportsbooks?

And regardless whether you're a loser or winner, it's also not uncommon for them to pull back wagers.

They’d accept a wager at X odds, then pay it at Y odds (much less) and say they made a mistake to void the fair bet payout. 

Here are examples: 



They’ll use your own data against you - whether you’re a winner or loser, and not share it.

They’ll use app design hacks to maximize your usage to them, if you’re a loser.

Is this all not disgusting & reprehensible ? 

How is this legal?

It’s time governments help the public & make the sports wagering markets fair by getting rid of rigged practices.

In a betting world well documented as being engineered to make you lose money over the longterm, the least we can ask is a level playing field.

What do we want?

1) Access to our Data.

 Since bookmakers profile their customers, and have access to the data, and it is your data too, it should be shared with you. You should have the right to see where you lost, and how your wager compared with other bettors to help you make a more informed decision. Your data = your rights!

2) Equal treatment for all bettors. 

By using that data, bookmakers will refuse to take bets from players who regularly win. They accomplish that by artificially limiting how much player A can bet on X event, but player B can bet 100x more than player A for the same event. Again, this is beyond reprehensible!

3) Transparency and honesty. 

If you accept a wager at X odds, then pay it at X odds and don’t change the value or say you made a mistake and void liability. The onus is on the sportsbook to provide accurate information, not on the customer to ensure accuracy.

Here is how we think governments can help to make this market fair:

 - Mandate sportsbooks to provide minimum levels of betting data back to the user, in the form of wagering analytics, so they are less likely to go into severe debt and have the chance to learn from their mistakes.

- Make it illegal for the sportsbook to change the odds of a bet, or cancel a bet, after an outcome has occurred (example: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CX1jVDkJS1o/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY= 

- Make it illegal to remove or limit a bettor off the sportsbook simply because they’re unprofitable for the sportsbook (example: https://www.instagram.com/p/CdLqceUOjNo/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY=

- Make the shot clock / wager spinner the same for all players (ie not give winners 10+ second wager clocks)

Who is this for ?

This petition was created by members of live sports betting community inplayLIVE.com, to:

- ensure a sustainable & fair future for everyone participating in sports wagering.

- limit the dangers for sports fans who are new to betting & being inundated with commercials about it.

-  help stop sad stories, make betting fun & sustainable for society

We also want to give governments the ammo they need to stop rigged practices & level the playing field.

That’s the job of government after they legalized sports betting.


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Signatures: 1,278Next Goal: 1,500
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