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Let's End Killing of Rare Wild Donkeys(Karpaz) and Foxes(Kyrenia), + TURTLES of North Cyprus!

We live in ONE WORLD. This is OUR WORLD. This is OUR LITTLE PLANET EARTH. And Cyprus' Animals are your Animals too! Cyprus' Nature and Oxygen is yours too. Please support my campaign to change and preserve our rare animals. Because A LOT OF ISLAND ANIMALS was EXTINCT in NORTH CYPRUS, many years ago. And they were really lovely animals of island - And now WE CANNOT SEE THEM LIVE. Only we can imagine them. We should sign this petition, in order to support Donkeys,Foxes, and Turtles of North Cyprus. If we change somethings, they will not share the same destiny with extinct animals. Due to Biologists in North Cyprus, many animals were extinct and today's animals are close to extinction!

There are some environmental problems which are so crucial for the wild life of Cyprus. Those problems are slaughters caused by some people in the island. At the moment Northern Cyprus has very rare population of Feral Donkeys and Mediterranean Foxes. By Time they have come close to the extinction. These animals are special to Cyprus' hills.

Especially those feral donkeys(which are different and unique) are only found in Northern Cyprus, Karpaz area. Karpaz is national park at the moment but donkeys are killed, poisoned, moved by some people because of agriculture. And Foxes, which are positioned at Kyrenia's mountains were lessened alot by time. Its almost impossible to see them at nature, but some exists. If they end, one species will totally disappear in island because of poisoning. Again because of agriculture facilities, foxes are Killed by poisoning(not to attack poultry animals and etc.) and usually some Dogs eat those poisoned meats too. Then Dogs usually get sick or die also like Foxes.



Let's Come Together and Stop Excommunication, Killing, Poisoning of Wild Donkeys and very rare Island's Foxes in Northern Cyprus. We need these animals in our nature. Because they are very important part of our ecological balance. WE should prevent our nature getting so dark without any wild life and activity. Already green nature feels pain because of getting disappeared in Island by time. Lets save those wildlife's beauties(Wild Donkeys,Foxes) from extinction - that is because of love to some Income and Agriculture(Which those usually destroys our planet world)...

ANIMAL ALERT... ANIMAL ALERT... ANIMAL ALERT... There's a news about Cyprus' Fragile Animals. Turtles of Mediterranean Sea(Caretta Caretta) are unconsciously killed by human activities themselves and their vehicles at beaches in the towns, villages, places around city Kyrenia.

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It's so upsetting to see(or not to see) so less and almost ended Cyprus Foxes in our precious, tranquil hills and mountains. They are unfortunately ERADICATED by people since MANY YEARS. Our today's authorities should find a way to protect rare foxes in nature. They should support their reproduction. They should augment our beautiful nature with our animals-who have always been there in our lands since ancient times. Mankind showed how damaging they can be by time. Only mankind can recover this problem at the moment by working hard for their unique nature...

{Artık Kuzey Kıbrıs'ın vahşi doğa hayvanları Tarım uğruna kurban edilmesin. Elbet bu hayvanlar Tükenir ve bir doğa güzelliği yok olur. Bu hayvanlar bu adada, bu dağlarda olmalıdır ve ekolojik dengenin başrollerinde yer almalıdır. Yoksa ada Yokoluşu yaşayacak ve ileride çocuklar çok ağlayacaklar. Son pişmanlık fayda etmez. Sevgiler.}

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