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It's time to change the "Sooner" nickname and mascot to something less hurtful to Native Americans and Native Oklahomans.

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We all love OU and celebrate their dominance in almost every sport.  I grew up rooting for my beloved Sooners like every other Oklahoman I know.  The problem is that most fans do not realize just how offensive the "Sooner" nickname can be to those Native Peoples who had their assigned lands ripped from their possession.  We all know about the unassigned lands being given away in 1889.  This paved the way for subsequent land runs on tribal lands.  In 1891; the Federal Government gave away 975,000 acres belonging to the Sac and Fox (my people), Shawnee and Pottawatomie tribes who were forced onto these lands in previous land grabs.  In 1892, Benjamin Harrison authorized a larger land run (theft) consisting of 3,500,000 acres of Cheyenne and Arapaho reservation lands.  The Sooner nickname is a painful reminder of the countless treaties broken by our own federal government against tribes who chose to comply with white law. 

I understand that the Sooner name was not born out of hatred or mockery of Native Americans but I would like you to consider the pain it brings to our people.  I am not asking you to ignore the proud history of OU athletics or OU's contributions to education, medicine, science or law.  I am simply asking you to strongly consider a new nickname and mascot which is not a constant reminder of my people's suffering at the hands of the white man and the government. 

"...the indignities suffered by Native American peoples, specifically in the U.S. state of Oklahoma, and more to the point revolving around the so-called "Land Run" which was nothing more than state-sponsored theft and land-rape, underscore what is undeniable: that white culture systematically rape Native peoples and drive them towards destructive behaviors, such as addictions..."

a quote from "Native Culture Rape: the Trail of Tears Still Flows" by Prof. Godfrey Q, Smallwick (Oxford University Press, 1989)

 We need to stop the celebration of theft from the Native Americans and adopt a mascot/nickname which celebrates Oklahoma's bright future.  Let's ditch the Sooner name, Oklahoma!

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