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Please Approve the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Amendment (Restrictions on Pig Keeping) Bill 2014 (the Bill)

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What do you think of when I say “Pigs on a farm”? Maybe pigs wallowing in mud, enjoying the sun on their backs. Or cute piglets running around, exploring their surroundings. Or even a group of pigs, playing with each other, on endless paddocks of sunshine.

However, on most farms where Australia’s pork products come from, this is not the case. Thousands of innocent animals, with the intelligence of 3 year old children, is hidden away, confined, into perpetual misery. Their cages are so small, they cannot turn around. This is the true story of many of Australia’s pig farms.

Confined into tiny sow stalls, mother pigs are forced to give birth to litters of piglets on concrete floor. At an early age, the piglets have their teeth and tail cut off. Then, they are separated from their mother and sent to slaughter.

The cruel practice of confining mother pigs to sow stalls is still legal in New South Wales. A few weeks ago, NSW Greens senator Mehreen Faruqi introduced a bill to ban sow stalls in the state. Please sign this petition to show the NSW parliament your support in this bill.

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