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Please Approve the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Amendment (Restrictions on Fowl Keeping) Bill 2014 (the Bill)

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Hens are inquisitive creatures. They love to stretch their wings, explore their surroundings and socialise with their 100 friends. They naturally have a strong desire to lay their eggs in a private place. When the sun sets below the horizon they go to sleep on a perch. This is the natural life of hens.

Yet in New South Wales alone, millions of hens are denied of these natural enjoyments of life. These innocent creatures are life sentenced into a space of an A4 piece of paper, in a battery cage with four other hens. The first and only time they will ever see the outside world is the last day of their lives, when they are trucked to slaughter.

In the unnatural environments of a cage, the hens endure extreme stress and boredom. With nothing to explore, many will start pecking at the other hens. As a result, when they are one day old, the chicks that are to become battery hens have a section of their beak severed off with a red-hot blade. Birds’ beaks are full of nerves, and it is so painful that many die of starvation due to not eating.

The cruel practices of debeaking and battery cages are still legal in New South Wales. A few weeks ago, NSW Greens senator Mehreen Faruqi introduced a bill to ban battery cages in the state. Please sign this petition to show the NSW parliament your support in this bill.

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