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Niko's Life Matters! Save Niko!

THE STORY... Niko has been locked up in Virginia for 18+ months. One day Niko escaped from his yard..his owner noticed right away and chased after him. Toni did catch up to him in a neighbors yard. It was discovered the neighbors cat was dead in the yard. The cat was found in the front of the house, Niko was found on the side of the house. The cat had no blood on it ...Niko had no blood on him. The cat was never taken to a vet to determine the cause of death. So now Niko sits and waits to die... Toni(Niko's mom) now has a wonderful lawyer working hard on Niko's case. No one has ever called her back. Niko's life is one the line for something he clearly DID NOT DO!!! Niko and his mom need your support. Niko has a wonderful sanctuary in NY where he can live out his days safe . All who are involved in saving Niko realize he cannot return back home to where he belongs. Please spare his life and release him to a sanctuary.

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