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Let Kinley and his family stay in Australia

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Imagine working hard to build a new life for your young family in your adopted home of Australia. Imagine discovering that one of your children is deaf, and giving them all the support they need to learn sign language. Imagine after years of building your new life, you learn that your entire family is about to be deported back to Bhutan - because the government doesn’t want to provide any care or support for your deaf son.

Kinley and his family deserve to stay in Australia, but because of Kinley’s hearing loss and learning difficulties, he does not meet the health requirements for permanent residency. As a consequence, the family will face deportation unless given special consideration by David Coleman MP, the Minister for Immigration, Citizenship & Multicultural Affairs.

It was only when Kinley arrived in Australia that his hearing loss was accurately diagnosed and hearing aids provided for him. It was also only upon his arrival in Australia that Kinley was exposed to sign language and that his language and communication skills started to develop.

If they are forced to return to Bhutan, Kinley will not be able to continue developing his sign language skills. He will be forced back into a life of isolation, and silence.

Kinley’s parents, Tshering and Jangchu have contributed in many ways to Australia. They have been excellent, peace-loving citizens; they have been consistent members of our workforce and been willing to move to a regional area that was requiring workers; they have contributed as taxpayers and become financially independent; they have actively contributed to the Australia-Bhutanese and wider Australian communities. Should they be returned to Bhutan, it would be Australia’s loss.

Can you help me send a message to the Immigration Minister by signing and share this petition? Let the minister know that this decent, hardworking family deserves to stay here. What kind of country would deport a family simply for having a deaf son? This is not who we are.

Thank you.

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