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Kerala — popularly known as God’s Own Country has been hit with a devastating flood which started in the month of August 2018, causing the deaths of over 400 people and displaced almost a million residents. This is the worst disastrous natural calamity faced by Kerala ever since the Great Flood of 1924 and has swept away this southern Indian state.

In the aftermath of this disaster, the economy of Kerala has been adversely affected with an estimated loss of about INR 21,000 Cr ($3 billion). The State Government of Kerala has demanded INR 2,600 Cr from the Central Government to survive in the crisis situation. In response, the Government of India has promised a peanut amount of just INR 600 Cr ($85.8 million) which is not even sufficient for the rescue purposes.

The Chief Minister of Kerala has now set up a relief fund named Chief Ministers Disaster Relief Fund (CMDRF) which accepts individual financial contributions with 100% tax exemption and has so far received an amount INR 309 Cr. However, this amount falls way short of the money needed by the State Government to reconstruct an unending list of infrastructure including highways, bridges, airport, schools, houses, markets, agricultural fields etc that have been destroyed during floods.

For decades, Kerala has been a model state with high literacy rate, favourable gender ratio, secularism, development, tourism, economic contribution etc. The ongoing crisis risk is taking the State a decade backwards, drastically affecting its economic sectors including agriculture, trade, Real estate, construction, tourism etc which contribute to the majority of its GDP. In particular, tourism constitutes 10 % of Kerala’s GDP and reportedly contributes around 23.5 per cent of the total employment in the state. The likely losses in the tourism industry due to the natural calamity will be unbearable.

Despite limited coverage of the crisis by the national media, massive campaigns by individuals and groups on the social media across the world have helped Kerala to receive international support and solidarity. For instance, foreign nations like UAE, Qatar and Maldives have pledged monetary support of worth INR 740 Cr. However, the Government of India has informally rejected them all by stating the 14-year-old diplomatic policy which was institutionalised during the Tsunami in the year 2004. India’s international diplomatic policy to become the Emerging-Donor-Nation might not be advisable in critical situations like these.

Since it’s essential to put in a herculean effort to #RebuildKerala and denying the international monetary fund at this point in time can trigger a humongous economical liability to Government of Kerala. The double standards of the government in keeping no apprehension in allowing international donations made to the political parties as opposed to the reluctance in approving the international monetary support which can uplift a community facing an unexpected natural calamity is quite puzzling.

We can together survive this situation if you are supporting us. Express your solidarity to wake up the authorities TO LIFT THE UNNECESSARY REGULATIONS that prevents Kerala to be back on track. Let’s join hands in rebuilding our God’s Own Country!

On behalf of all Keralites,

An Outraged Mallu

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