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Let Jakiyah Keep Her Crown

Jakiyah McKoy is a 7-year-old who was recently named the winner of the Little Miss Hispanic Delaware pageant. After complaints that Jakiyah's beauty doesn't "represent Latino beauty" because she is Afrolatina, Nuestras Raices Delaware, the organization sponsoring the pageant, withheld her title pending an investigation of her heritage, an investigation which none of the other contestants were subjected to.

The contest requires 25% Latino heritage to qualify but since Jakiyah's Dominican grandmother has died and came to this country undocumented, the family was unable to provide proof and Nuetras Raices took Jakiyah's crown away. 

I was outraged when I heard about Jakiyah's story. When Jakiyah won, she walked on stage to a huge applause, smiling with her crown. Again and again, we see racism dividing us and damaging our children.

Please join me in demanding that Jakiyah rightfully keep the crown she won, because her beauty represents us all.

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