Immigration detention is a cruel punishment. .

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AUTISM does not understand immigration detention. My 8 year old Australian born autistic daughter keep asking me "why daddy is not coming home mommy" ." I want my daddy". She holds an Australian  protection visa which protects her from India and her daddy, my husband is currently in immigration detention facility at Marybyrnong to be deported to India. Everyday she looks forward to see him. Often I find her weeping alone . She keep looking at his photos. Her life is miserable without him. 



Me and my daughters are devastated.  Girls loves and adores their father a lot and with autism our elder daughter struggles to understand these stressful circumstances. 



Here's a flash. Parenting is in the doing. It's not babysitting. It's the whole bedevilling, demanding, riveting and privileged experience of raising children. Given the chance, most fathers are eager to embrace that because, like mothers, fathers have the same need to be with and near their children.



With all these years surviving on a one income without medicare or any other benefits in a developed country with a child who have special needs is not that simple. My husband get up every morning and went to work. Even he is sick he never complained. He is the type of father who went to buy a barbie doll at 2 a.m to please his daughter. My children loves to play hide and seek by the time he comes home..No matter how tired he is he will play with them..He is the father who will do anything for them. His children are his life.


We need him to come home. Our daughters need him..he should be released and reside with his family. Since he went away i am struggling financially and emotionally. Please do consider that he have an 8 year old autistic daughter who cries every time she heards he can’t come home. What is the purpose of deviding a family when issues are solved..
I am begging you Australia. Please let my husband come home to his children