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Let HH Bir Krishna Goswami continue serving as GBC in Europe (Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia)

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Why petition
Euro GBC recently decided that only Europe based residents can serve as GBC men for Europe. Slovenian desciples of HH decided for petition Euro GBC to allow HH Bir Krishna Goswami to continue serving as GBC for Slovenia.  
(Devotees from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina are welcome to join this petition to let HH Bir Krishna Goswami continue serving as GBC also for Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.)

HH Bir Krishna Goswami has been serving as GBC in Europe, specificaly as GBC for Slovenia since 1999. Later he also accepted service as GBC for other countries in Balkans. Slovenian yatra has been thriving under his expert guidance and is today a dynamic community with powerful preaching programs of book distribution, harinam sankirtan, congregational preaching and holy name festivals, which attract young, local people. It also has systematical educational programs from courses for newcomers all the way to Bhaktivedanta courses. All these, and many other programs developed under his supervision, support and encouragement.

Maharaja's presence and association is great inspiration for the community of devotees. He is also very available to the devotees and ready to counsel, support and encourage each individual. In short, he has very personal, affectionate relationships with the devotees in Slovenia and is much loved by them.

We are surprised to hear that he has been removed from his position of GBC. Why change something that works well? Why not allow him to continue with this service, which he does with such dedication and devotion to Srila Prabhupada and which gives such excellent results?

Benefits of decision:
If he continues as a GBC for Slovenia, then this yatra will continue to thrive and expand the number of devotees and grow and mature under his supervision. It will make it easier for Euro GBC, since there will not be problems with this yatra.
If, however, he is removed, we are very concerned for the future of slovenian yatra. As we have seen in other places, when a strong leader goes, then things start to collapse and many conflicts and problems arise which could be prevented, if the leader remained.

Therefore, we the undersigned, petition Euro GBC to let HH Bir Krishna Goswami continue serving as GBC for Slovenia together with HH Prahladananda Swami.

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