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Let Buskers in Surfers Paradise sell their own CD's

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The Buskers in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia are the heart and soul of this popular tourist location. However buskers in Surfers Paradise are being continuously fined by Gold Coast local council for selling their own CD's.

The council persists to harass the buskers, even though they have passed their audition successfully and have payed their fee for the license. This is the only place in Australia where buskers are not permitted to sell their own CD's. The council is trespassing on the creative rights of the artists as well as our collective human rights. It seems this law is in place for no reason other then to profit themselves.

The council have been doing this for nearly 10 years now. Some of the veteran buskers have been to court over this dispute and won. Still the law has not changed.

I was told by a spokesperson from the council that they do want to change the busking guidelines in time for the commonwealth games in 2018. This will enable them to keep issuing fines when ever they like up until 2018. This is not quick enough. Which leads me to believe this guideline is purely a snare issued by the council to bleed more money out of the working man.

Enough is enough. Too many honest hard working musicians and artists have suffered as a result of the council's failure to protect and serve their own people.

Help us push the change in the right direction with the abolishment of this crude ideology and enable our Buskers to sell there own music in the Cavill mall area and all of Queensland.

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