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Let Billy the Elephant stay at the LA zoo

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Billy the elephant is an Asian elephant that was given to the city of Los Angeles as a gift from the Malaysian government. He lives with three other female elephants in a large exhibit. He helps educate others about Asian elephants that live in the wild. Sadly, people want him to be taken out of the zoo. Many of the arguments include that Billy has no social life and that his exhibit is too small. This could possibly start a chain reaction with more people making local governments take elephants away from US zoos. It won't stop there though. Soon many more species will be advocated to be taken out of zoos. Zoos might close down and never reopen. Children will never be educated about wildlife. The animals that need attention from the public will never get it and will possibly go extinct. My childhood was based around zoos and wildlife. I can't imagine a future where my kids and grand kids will never feel the same way as I did when I first saw an elephant. Sign up for this petition if you not only believe that Billy needs to stay in the LA zoo, sign up if you want your kids to be able to see an animal and be the one who makes a difference for the sake of conservation. Sign up to save wildlife as a whole. It only starts with one animal until they start taking more out of zoos. We need to act now and contact the city counsel of Los Angeles to let them know the truth about Billy.


Here are some video links that talk about the care Billy and the other elephants get at the Los Angeles zoo.



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