Let Aboriginal people bury their loved ones in traditional ceremonies.

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For over 60,000 years, Aboriginal people have buried their loved ones in accordance with their cultures and traditions. Now, the Northern Territory government is introducing a new burial bill that would deprive the Aboriginal people the right to bury their loved ones in traditional ceremonies. 

Under the new law, Aboriginal people could face heavy fines of up to $31,000, or even imprisonment, if they bury their loved ones outside the confines of cemeteries and without bureaucratic approval. 

Losing a loved one is hard enough. It is beyond heartless that this legislation would take self-determination away from Aboriginal people and give power to faceless officials in Darwin, who will be able to threaten Aboriginal people with jail or thousands of dollars in fines.

Community leaders of the Galpu and Golpa Clans of Elcho Island say these changes are "the worst form of disrespect in the world for Aboriginal communities.”

Independent MLA Yingiya Mark Guyula has said that “the government is introducing a law that disrespects our culture and our authority and criminalises our elders and leaders.” 

You shouldn’t go to jail for burying your people, on your land, your way. Will you join me in standing up for the traditional custodians of this beautiful country we live on? Please sign and share this petition to prevent the Burial and Cremation bill from being passed in its current form.

This petition has the support of Adnyamathanha Elders