Appeal for Menendez Brothers.

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The Menendez trial is a very famous and controversial case but unfortunately also very understanding and important in the perspective of someone whose been sexually abused as a child their self. The original trial contained information, evidence and testimonies that caused a mistrial, of which i firmly believe was and is the truth. The second trial removed that defense evidence in ignorance of child sexual abuse statistics & lack of humaneness making all given information useless in the final prosecution. A California bill passed (AB593) which now allows incarcerated people, (& yes i say people as in human beings comfortably) convicted of crimes related to their experiences of being abused are able to submit a petition for a writ of habeas corpus challenging their original convictions. Such petitioners can seek a new trial, a reduced sentence, or another equitable remedy if expert testimony and its effects was not received into evidence during their original trial proceedings, and it is reasonable to believe that the outcome of the trial would have been different with such expert testimony. Mind you this bill was passed after the second trial, the jury reaching a verdict without all the factual information needed for the Menendez defense. My views of this whole case, from the significance, to the relevance the bill California has passed, the year 2020 is the year that Erik & Lyle Menendez should have received fair retrial as well as mercy. Their time in prison has not been anything less than productive, educational and motivational. Even if your unfamiliar with their case, do the research if it interests you & if not at least understand everyone deserves a second shot at life, in their situation this would be their first real shot at life in freedom, not only from prison but from their inner fears, their past burdens and present regrets. A change in justice was made for a reason, why not retry the case with the new bill?