12,000 cows slaughtered in 1 year. Urgent review needed of Welsh Government TB policy

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TB is destroying Welsh livestock farming. This petition is demanding Welsh Government to review its current 'Enhanced Measures' policy that is ruining businesses and lives. 

In January 2016 we went down with TB after 30 years of being TB free. we did not think it would last and we certainly did not foresee the catastrophic effect that this would have on our business or on our lives. Despite having a 'closed' herd, instead of disappearing  the disease spread to a number of surrounding farms and the problem became more widespread. In October 2017, the Welsh Government saw fit to introduce 'Enhanced Measures' for any farm that had been under restriction for 18 months and the crippling effect that this has had on ours and many other herds is indescribable.  Any other livestock farmer in Wales needs to understand that they could be affected and to understand what could happen as a result. We have lost 309 cows to date, 89% of these since enhanced measures were introduced. Only 1% of the slaughtered animals showed visible lesions.  

Currently, all farms in the high risk regions of Wales and fall under 'enhanced measures' are subject to;

  • 60 day short interval test
  • Tests carried out under severe interpretation 
  • All reactors AND IRS removed to slaughter
  • Compulsory annual whole heard gamma test - all failures removed to slaughter 
  • Signed action plan developed between the farm, APHA and Welsh Government 

60% of the cows slaughtered due to these measures are highly unlikely to develop TB. 

We have  taken every action to comply with requirements from the Welsh Government but the problem has continued to worsen. We are asking the Welsh Government to  reconsider its policy and to end the unnecessary slaughter of  animals. The situation is currently untenable and will see the destruction of many farms and farmers.