Make Recreational Marijuana In Namibia Legal

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Hello, i will like to introduce my self, My name is Lesardo Rivaldo Plaatjes.

I'm here to ask & see if i can change The Law in Namibia, to make Legalize Recreational Of Marijuana in Namibia.

To start , i will like to explain why i want this to happen.

I will like to have this in my country because people here around think that Marijuana is bad for people , i believe is not true. For my own opinion but not selfish, i believe it will be good to start changing my country for thinking like that. For example people that have certain a lot of Medical problems , Marijuana has proven to a lot of people that it helps.

Like i meet a lot of people of my country that smoke Marijuana , they opinion of legalization Marijuana i will be good. Majority of people i know that smokes , they do it because they feel that is not harm no one , i do believe that but the thing is that Marijuana needs to come my country because we farming country and we have a lot of space for it , economy of Namibia basically bases on people owing land and farming , a lot of people in Namibia doesn't have land at all , i feel bad for my country knowing that is kids in the street , i want everyone to be equal and live in good country.

My opinion is to start making Marijuana Legal in Namibia to people to start make jobs for people, for example , if Marijuana became legal , people will start Making Companies , that owners of the companies will need people to look after they products , that is a point of favor, a lot of people will starting buying Namibia for own consume and Medical use, Drug dealers in Namibia will stop selling illegal Marijuana , drug trafficking i will stop in Namibia. Our Crime increase this year 2017 badly like maybe around 10% compare for the past 2 years.

So I'm coming to the point that i want the Supreme court of Namibia to accept it and move to make the country better , because South Africa is starting to do it so , why not us ?

The outcome of this petition is that i want to make legalize in Namibia for medical use and own use.

If i win this petition, i will gladly put more effort to make it happen here in Namibia. I just need the most support for this project i need to do :) 

If i lose this petition, i will still try my best to make it happen , because i feel is necessary for my country and people in it.

I'm going to post this petition on 30/6/2017 but i will still keep updating on my progress to make it happen.