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Kpop Fans Demand Legal Action Be Taken Against SNL Korea For Sexual Assault

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We The Fans demand that the WM Entertainment take legal action to protect B1A4 and future idols from being sexually harassed by Lee Se Young and SNL Korea. 

Not long ago we all discovered that B1A4 (a Kpop boy group) was sexually assaulted by female staff on SNL Korea due to videos that went viral of female staff grabbing the kpop idols privates. This isn't the first time this has happened though.. it's happened to multiple idol groups including INFINITE, BLOCK B, and probably many more that we don't know about yet. No one deserves to be treated this way. Not an idol, not you, not me. No one in this world deserves this.

Recently B1A4 responded to the attack, as did their company WM Entertainment, and the comedian on SNL Lee Se Young. As a fan and decent human being I personally feel like an apology and statement isn't enough. Sexual harassment isn't something to be ignored. Something like this can NEVER be ignored. It's wrong, it's disgusting, and these people know better than to touch someone inappropriately. Action needs to be taken against Lee Se Young and SNL Korea and justice needs to be served in order to prevent something awful like this from ever happening again.

We as decent human beings, fandom members, and members of the Kpop community must put intense pressure on these company's to take action in order to make sure that sexual assault is not ignored or never gets ignored again. Idols deserve to be protected by their company and when the company fails to due that it becomes the fans duty to ensure that our beloved idols are protected and given the respect they deserve as human beings. 


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