Install a red light at the intersection of Geddie Rd. and Hwy 20!

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There have been many accidents at this intersection that could have been prevented by a stop light.  There are dump trucks that frequent this particular intersection, as a construction company is on Geddie Rd. and Hwy. 20.  I, myself, was involved in an accident there last year and a friend was involved in one this morning.  Leon County Sheriff's Office has been contacted regarding the exact number of motor vehicle crashes that have occured there in the last 20 years.  This information will be sent to me via email no later than tomorrow, per the records clerk at LCSO.  We have seen approximately 2 accidents a week at this intersection for the last 5 years.  Some are not even reported! Not to mention, when there is an accident, we have no way to detour unless we navigate THREE counties to get around the accident! A stop light would enforce who gets to proceed through the intersection in a safe manner! We need to have this stoplight installed as soon as possible for the safety of our beautiful community!

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