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Ask WORLD WILDLIFE FUND to stop supporting TROPHY HUNTING before it's too late!

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In their own study, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) estimate that 52% of the worlds wildlife has gone in the last 40 years so it is safe to say that most of the existing strategies to protect wildlife are failing dismally. 

Despite this, the hugely influential WWF continue to maintain that "controlled" and "sustainable" TROPHY HUNTING is totally acceptable and even desirable. (Even, as in many cases, where the species being hunted is already critically endangered.)

To this end WWF form partnerships with and accept money from lobby groups and hunting organisations, who's sole purpose is to perpetuate the status-quo: to continue to allow them to experience the perverted pleasure of seeing what it's like to murder a beautiful and rare animal. 

The largest Animal Advocate charity in the world, must be 100% committed to protecting the rights and welfare of the worlds wildlife because, quite frankly, 99% is literally worse-than-useless. (As the decimation of wildlife proves)

Supporting TROPHY HUNTING in any form and on every level, is a complete betrayal of all the animals relying on WWF. This is true of humans; the public who donate funds, under the mistaken belief that their money will be used to fight to stop TROPHY HUNTERS and non-human; the victims of hunters barbaric activities; be they the murdered animal or indeed the fragile ecosystem and families that those animals were part of.

Every compromise of principle that WWF makes magnifies into a tragedy of epic proportions because WWF are wildlife's loudest global voice and they have the strongest ability to truly advocate on their behalf. They should be Wildlife's last line of defence and not appeasers to the base desires of the worst of our species. (That's the job of the NRA, Dallas Safari Club etc)

"Principle" and not "funding" should guide every decision that WWF make.

That means:

1) Being 100% against all forms of TROPHY HUNTING.

2) Fighting to disband all organisations that promote, fund or encourage the killing of the worlds wildlife for fun.

3) Refusing any funding from all organisations or affiliates that promote hunting as a "Sport"

4) Refusing any funding from all organisations that destroy the fast disappearing environments in which the worlds wildlife live. (Organisation like Monsanto and the massive Meat-agri-business currently decimating the water and land resources of our planet) 

WWF is a hugely powerful lobby group and organisation that has the ability to change the way Wildlife is treated on this fragile earth. It has the ability to stop the huge wholesale destruction of the life that inhabits it. It has the ear of governments and leaders and it is time it used that power responsibly and without compromise.

It's time WWF actually started doing what it promises it does to all of it's supporters. It's time that WWF decided to unequivocally protect all wildlife from those pathetic sociopathic individuals who just love to destroy it. (So they can use it's dead carcass as a TROPHY on their wall.)

Please sign this petition and become an @_AnimalAdvocate.

Please help us to get WWF to do the right thing. To help animals.

Thank you



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An excellent investigation of the historical and current practises of The World Wildlife Fund authored by @protect_wldlife. If you're in doubt that they need to put their house in order, read this and then sign to make them honest 


 World Economic Forum say we are currently in the middle of the worlds "Sixth Mass-extinction"

Please sign this petition as well. It's obscene!



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