Taoiseach Leo Varadkar- Bring 3 Irish children, abducted to Algeria, home to their family.

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Please sign this petition to help bring 3 Irish children home to their family in Ireland. I need An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar TD to personally intervene and speak to the Algerian President and Prime Minister.

My daughter Zaineb was 7 years old and my twins, Hamza and Halimah were only 4 years old when they were illegally abducted from Ireland (using fake documentation, I have their Irish passports and no new passports were issued), by their father on 5th July 2015.

We don't get to speak to the children very often but when we do they say how much they love us, miss us and want to come home. As their mother, I have already missed so much, Zaineb is 10 years old now and the twins will be 7 years old on 5th January 2018, they have been away from home for too long already, please help to end this nightmare.