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Lennox Law

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Under the current Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) a dog,of any breed or mixed breed,can be seized and subject to destruction based on how he/she 'looks',and/or by certain measurements deeming them to be 'of type' . This is without doubt a form of racial profiling which cannot continue.
We,the People,ask that the current BSL law be firstly terminated and then be replaced by a new law we would term 'Lennox Law' .

Under 'Lennox Law' a dog can only be seized and subject to destruction based on its actions,not based on its looks and/or breed,and certainly not based on meer measurements of certain areas of its body.

Under this new law we propose that each individual animal be assessed,by leading experts in the field of Animal Behaviour,to determine if they indeed pose a threat to society,along side which we also propose any and all mitigating circumstances be taken into account should a dog be seized for misconduct of any nature;for example was the animal under undue stress at the time of the alleged misconduct?;was the animal 'baited' in anyway to provoke alleged misconduct? etc. In direct connection with this clause it is asked that 'owner culpability' be looked into,should it be deemed the owner is in fact at fault through incorrect handling of the dog involved,or through actively 'training' the dog to behave in an unacceptable manner,that the owner be held accountable NOT the animal. It is asked should the owner be found accountable for the dogs misconduct that they (a) be charged with each offence relating to the incident resulting in the dogs seizure (b) be charged with animal cruelty and (c) be banned from owning dogs again for set period of time no less than 15 years,upto a complete life-time ban depending on the nature of the offence. It is asked any dog found to have been 'used' by an owner in this manner be given the opportunity for rehabiliation,re-training and rehoming under the supervision of Animal Behaviourists as well as Breed Specific Rescue. It is further asked if 'owner culpability' be found to be the cause of the misconduct resulting in the dogs seizure and subsequent trial that the owner be made to reimburse fully the cost of kennelling,including feeding and any vet treatment needed while in custody,as well as be made to pay the court fee's resulting from the trial on top of any additional fines added for offences in relation to the case. Also the owner will be financially responsible for the rehabilitation of their dog to allow for rehoming to be possible as opposed to having the dog destroyed. They will cover all costs of such rehabilitation,including payment in full to the Animal Behaviourists involved.

Its is also asked that any dog seized for being 'of type' be subject to DNA testing to establish if they are indeed one of the breeds banned under the current DDA laws,if they are found to indeed be 'of type' after DNA testing it is asked they be given the option of rehoming outside of the area where the ban applies,to a loving new home,should their temperament be found to be sound and balanced by Animal Behaviourists involved in the individuals case. It is asked that a Breed Specific Rescue be bought in,to work along side the Animal Behaviourists involved,to handle any and all such rehomings to ensure the animal goes to the best home possible.

We,the People, ask our proposed new law be put to The House of Commons,and ultimately to UK Goverment, to instigate the change and to make 'Lennox Law' the way forward in conjunction with The Dangerous Dogs Act of 1991.

*Revised Clause* 15/03/13

It is asked that the current ban of 'PITBULL/TYPE' dogs be LIFTED as part of the Lennox Law 'owner responsibility' clause.

Too many dogs are deemed 'of type' or 'Pitbull'-which incidentally IS NOT a recognised ''BREED'' -therefore should NOT be included as a banned ''breed'' under DDA 1991 to begin with-and seized and destroyed unfairly based on look alone. This does nothing to protect the public OR the animal itself and only serves to create confusion,fear and further bigotry. Lifting the current ban on Pitbull/type dogs and focusing more on 'owner culpabilty/responsibilty' will undoubtedly prove that these dogs are NOT a danger to the public and stop countless needless deaths due to this current legislation, it will also allow more dogs to be safely rehomed through rescues as apposed to destruction as at present the ones who find themselves in rescue are deemed 'unworthy' of being given the best homes possible,or indeed the right to a life, through no fault of their own and are killed unnecessarily when hundreds of people are ready to give them a loving,secure home for life. The focus can then be placed fairly on a 'deed not breed' basis of seizure,only allowing dogs who have done harm to be seized and allowing the majority who do no wrong their right to life.

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