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Hairy Fairy must be ditched

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The poster for the "Hairy Fairy" campaign funded by the Motor Accident Commission and the Government of South Australia consists of a photo of the "Hairy Fairy".  The man in the photo is naked apart from a pink tutu and workboots.  He stands face-on to the observer, pointing a finger in their direction.  Apart from the tutu and workboots, his appearance is that of Christ as depicted in our culture, a youngish man with long slightly curly brown hair, a fit body and a steady gaze, making an appeal to the observer.  He wears a garland on his head that is instantly recognisable as a Crown of Thorns.  This represents a gross mis-appropriation of a revered religious figure of western civilisation, a person of significance to practising and non-practising Christians in Australia. 

The poster is offensive and all the more so because it has been funded with taxpayers' money, including from those to whom it is offensive. 

The publishing of material offensive to the decent sensibilities of the populace is inconsistent with the obligations of the government of that populace.

The posters should be removed immediately and the advertising campaign withdrawn, in its totality.

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