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Crime Free Lenasia started this petition to President Ramaphosa (South African President) and

Johannesburg : Active residents against crime are calling on the public to sign the petition in a bid to expose the “intimidation” in a the legal process linked to kidnappings in South Africa. 

After abandoning bail in the first three appearances in the Protea Magistrates Court, Faizel Charloos and his brother Abuhoreira continue to appear in court, making a mockery of the legal system by using technicalities to make a attempted case to apply for bail. Despite numerous attempts at bail and false statements the kidnapping kingpin, known for his infamous track record of vehicle theft, remains in custody. His wife Saadiyah Charloos and Saadiyah Rassool, the wife of Ahmed Kazi together with other co-accused were denied bail and also remain in state custody.  In the interest of public safety, we will monitor the process in court and commend the state and private entities that support a safer community.

Suspects that were arrested for extortion and intimidation, linked to the kidnappings, Ismail Salmo Mbendane, Imraan Sahim and Bilal Mia were detained at the Sandton police. Two of the suspects were remanded in custody after their bail hearing in the Alexandra Regional Court was postponed for further investigations following one of the accused statements. The NPA issued a court order, issuing law enforcement an instruction to arrest another suspect linked to the charges. 

The latest arrest was Ziyaad Asvat on Friday evening 6th May 2022 – the son of Ebrahim Asvat, the chairman of the CPF in Lenasia. 

For years we have questioned the election process of the CPF, finding it strange that a historic truck hijacker, known for his criminal involvement and consistent links to the Charloos syndicate could be elected to represent the Lenasia Community. 

Apart from the hogwash statement denying his relationship with Charloos, the CPF chairman hasn’t responded to any of the allegations against him in the past. 

But this time it’s different … The public are demanding answers from the chairman of an office that represents the public of our community. The PUBLIC Community is asking PUBLICALY, and we expect a PUBLIC answer officially. 


1.       Were you aware of your sons involvement with Faizel Charloos or any of the other accused in the cases? If you were what was your stance to stop the crime ?

2.      Explain the relationship between you and the accused Faizel Charloos ?

3.      Explain the relationship between you and the accused Abuhoreira Charloos ?

4.      What is the relationship between you and the legal representatives of the above accused ?

5.      Was any of the legal representation briefed by you after their arrest? 

6.      Did you meet the accused Abuhoreira Charloos, at the holding cells after his arrest? 

7.      Did you facilitate the introduction of the lawyers and the accused for any of the accused including the accused arrested for extortion and intimidation cases.

8.      Did you arrange or receive any funds or pay any of funds towards legal fees for these accused and their cases?

9.      Are you a “debt collector” ? If yes, are you registered? 

10.     Were you ever involved in matters relating to debt collecting over the past three year? If yes, please provide details? If yes, also confirm if it was declared to the CPF board or the police station ? 

11.      Is your alleged interactions with the accused or any of the victims in your capacity as the CPF chairman or in your private capacity? 

12.     We are aware of your glass business. In addition to that are you a car dealer ? 

13.     Complaints in registered cases claim that they are at loss for vehicles that were cloned and sold to them by yourself. What is the background to these allegations? 

14.     Do you owe funds for vehicles that was sold and found to be cloned? There are claims that the vehicles were linked to Faizel Charloos ? 

15.     Did you use vehicles stolen by Charloos for your son’s wedding?

16.     Did Saadiyah Charloos join you and your wife on CPF operations ?

17.     Did you collect cash funds pledged by Charloos for the exclusive use of CPF branding ?

18.     Was the executive aware of the funds and was the criminal sponsor given a receipt?

19.     The financials for the CPF has been a contentious issue since your appointment. Why was Charloos presented to statements to the public funds when members of the executive or the public haven’t seen reports for years ? 

20.    Did you refer the attorney Suhail Manga to the above accused or any other cases that were brought to your intention in the Lenasia police station or as your role as the CPF chairman?

21.     Are you remunerated in any way for the cases that are referred to the above attorney? 

22.     The publication in the Lenasia Times dated Mid-April 2022 on page 2, refers to the executive of the CPF. Are the other executive members of the CPF, apart from your self nominated wife aware of the publication and contents of the article?

23.    In the same publication, you refer to baseless rumours? What are these rumours? 

24.    Is it true that the same executive members of the CPF deemed to be the authors of the publication accuse you of running a PR campaign to hide your involvement ?

25.    Would you say that the NPA issued the warrant of arrest for your son based on the same baseless rumours ?

26.    In the same publication you refer to the charges of the patroller which we assume is Mr Ebrahim Seedat ? Is this true? 

27.     While we know that the charges were dropped, are you aware that his son-in-law led police to his house?

28.    In another public statement you claimed that Mr Ebrahim Seedat has no involvement or relationship with any of the suspects. You actually denied that Mr Ebrahim Seedat is linked to Ahmed Kazi (suspect that was arrested). When asked again about the marriage of Saadiyah Rasool to Ahmed Kazi, you responded that he isn't related because Saadiyah isn’t Seedat's daughter, but the daughter of a women that Seedat married. Can you confirm before Ziyaad attends court that Ziyaad Asvat is your son ?

29.    Sources at the police station mentioned that the senior CPF members suggested that you step down from your chairman position pending the outcome of some of these allegations. Is this true ? 

30.    Have you stepped down since ? If not, why ? 

In the interests of public safety, we urge the public to support this digital petition to call on EBRAHIM ASVAT to step down with immediate effect until we have answers on an official PUBLIC platform. 

Your support sends a load and clear message that we will not accept intimidation and corruption at the SAPS station any longer and while we know that Ebrahim Asvat is innocent until proven guilty, we demand that he step down in the interim to clear these allegations without tainting the name of the CPF or use his position to lobby support  for the suspects which ultimately will both compromising our public safety. 

THIS TIME ITS DIFFERENT – we demand a safer community! 

905 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!