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Leland Fly Fishing Ranch: IMMEDIATELY Remove the Solid Log Fence & Trees Across SVAs Runway Overrun

Josh Frazier, Leland Fly Fishing Ranch, with reckless disregard for public safety egregiously erected a solid log fence/obstacle across 65 year old Sonoma Valley Airport's Runway 17/ 35 safety overrun. The California Department of Transportation, DIv. of Aeronautics, wrote a letter in July 2012 pointing out the dangers, but Leland would rather argue, through lawyers, if in-fact, the fence poses a danger. They want the public to be put at risk while they challenge DOT if a solid log fence will maim or kill a person should an aircraft roll out just a little too far. Please tell these Aggressors - PUBLIC SAFETY FIRST. TAKE DOWN the fence-to-nowhere now!

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  • Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters, dba Leland FLy Fishing Ranch

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